Solidarity for President Trump



@ 12:00 noon

Show of Support/Stand and Be Counted

Time to Stand with President Trump

 President Trump once asked us to continue to show him support as he works to fulfill our wishes.  It will be tough working against the swamp.

While I am sure he loves receiving support at rallies, it is impossible for these to translate into daily support.  Personal contact is out of the question. Texting, tweeting, and emails do not constitute a message from the masses. We need to present a unified voice, and we can do it without necessarily saying a word.

I’m proposing a DAILY, NATIONAL RALLYING CRY in support of President Trump. Every day, at exactly 12:00 noon, in honor of the time he took the oath of office (actually 12:02 p.m.), everyone who is able should step out from the building, home, or car (as long as it’s legal and safe), and for 3 minutes stand in support of President Trump’s daily efforts to guide and restore this nation.

Say a prayer, wave a flag, wear his “Make America Great Again” hat, or just blend in and be counted. No one will be singled out individually if you don’t want to be, as the masses’ growing participation will tell the story, whether you are standing alone at home or on a busy street. As word spreads and enough support emerges, word will get back to President Trump, and no matter where he is in the country, he will be able to look around and see his supporters standing with him. He will be encouraged without us saying anything.

For added humor, anyone who doesn’t support President Trump will have to scramble to get inside or be counted, because for 3 minutes it will become our pledge of support to help President Trump “Make America Great Again.” Let’s do it.

Peace and courage to you.